From: Darlene Fafinski, Thursday, September 12, 2019
Email: comforting.moments@yahoo.com

Carol and Jerry

Hi, My name is Darlene Fafinski-Burhite and I am a new customer. I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the Quick & Easy Salsa that I purchased earlier this year. This is our first year in Indiana and also the first garden I have ever had. I have a bumper crop of tomatoes, much to my surprise, and decided to try canning Salsa. I used your Salsa blend for my first 4 pints and was totally happy with the outcome! I also shared them with a neighbor, my daughter-in-law & her mother as well as my husband and they all raved about it! Needless to say, I canned many more pints and have used up every packet I purchased from you. This prompted me to place another order, set up an account, subscribe to your newsletter and become a new customer. I wanted to post a testimonial but couldn't figure out how, so you may want to email me back and share that information. :) Anyways, I just want to say thank you for your quality products. I will be buying more in the future, I'm sure! Signed: Very Happy Customer!

From: Sherry Urbaneck, Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Email: comforting.moments@yahoo.com

Carol and Jerry

Wanted you both to know how much I enjoy your soups. I began mixing them. so yummy and full of flavor. I m passing the word around so be prepared lol. I mixed two many bean soup with the kidney gumbo and cooked polish kolbosa and wow. it was so delicious. We also tryed the garlic dip I mixed with sourcream only omg. it was the bomb! I stunk for days my husband and I. lol as a sale pitch you can also let others know you can substatute sour cream with greek non fat yogurt for weight watchers fans.. greek non fat is no points at all vs 2 points for two table spoons of sour cream. End of August I m so very excited to say that we will be going back on vacation to Shipshewanna... here we come,lol we will be seeing you soon. cant wait.anyhow have a wonderful night and know you both created some wonderful tasting soups that completely warm our hearts.

From: Anthony & Laura Holland
Email: lea11371@yahoo.com

So sad that we didn't find you at the Elkhart County 4H fair. What happened? I hope everything is all right with you and your family. We always have our big list and purchase 20 or so and you always through in an extra or 2 for the 4H leader/big sale that we were.

We hope you will be back, there is some other display in your spot and another dip vendor, but NOT AS GOOD.

From: Cindy Lynch
Email: cjboots2012@gmail.com

Hi, I have been going to Shipshewana on the road in Mt. Pleasant, Mi. I always look for your booth. Of course I always buy from you, and I have ordered from your online site. But now I can't find the chili con queso dip. Do you carry it? I had asked you at the show about ordering that dip in a large can container. Is that still available? Please let me know, I didn't want to look elsewhere.

Thank you, Cindy Lynch cjboots2012@gmail.com

From: Becky Dick
Email: beckyldick@gmail.com

I bought your Cilantro Lime dip at the coverage bridge fest and desperately would like more. It's the first didn't upset my tummy! Anyway, is there a store that retails your dips in Indy or the surrounding area?

Thanks, Becky

Yvonne Cotier Carney
March 13, 2017 at 7:19pm

Enjoying your Chicken Enchilada soup for 2 tonight! Thickened up wonderfully! Purchased the dry mix at the shipshawana on the road kokomo


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